Workshop for children: "Urbanetas"

Workshop for children: "Urbanetas".


October Festival Mini Ayora. 2014


We propose to participate in an Architecture Workshop ... no, no, do not go out running that is not what it seems. Although we may be architects, buildings we suggest you to design and build and also going to get them sing.

You have to think of a building, long, short, tall or short as you like, but yes, you have to build with the materials that I will provide to you. With windows, doors, balconies or not, with battlements, roofs, arches ... And what color? ... As you please.


When we have all of them, will we have a city? NO!


Although many people think that cities are just buildings placed alongside each other, cities are much more than that, cities are the spaces between buildings. They are the streets, parks, gardens, patios, plazas, those gaps where we are with others, these gaps within us, that is the city.


So instead of our buildings making cities they will go together to make a chorus. A CHORUS YES and then will check that some buildings placed next to each other are much closer to be a choir than a city.

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