Europan12 International Competition

Europan12 International Competition, Kaiserslautern.

Any 2013.  Amb Noemi Conejo (arquitecta)

Pfaff Area is the link between the technology research world and the city of Kaiserslautern. A place that is called to be a research center while remaining city. It should respond to the mix of uses: (Research, services) + (Health, wellness, sport, residential) We propose a development of the area fl exible on time, so that there is a balance between this mix of uses at every stage that makes the area become part of city life from the first moment!

This urban mix has to be developed with the integration of comercial, researching and residential uses. Comercial use is always in fl oor plan, re-using, where possible, the existing buildings façades. This comercial location generates citizens’ activity in the street. Researching and residential uses are always restricted on the upper storeys due to the soil contamination, but also because its quiet location for working and resting.

The aim is to get citizens involved in the future of their city as active actors. There are many tasks that have to be done.

As it is a long term development area, we propose two different ways to clean the soil: (fast) soil replacement and (slow) bioremediation phytioremediation.

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