Ideas Competition. Habitat Sostenible, EMVS

Runner up. 2.012

Ideas competition by the municipality of Madrid for the design of 100 dwelling block. These dwelling would be part of a greater dwelling complex called Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles in Madrid.

​A little plaza as a public place that we all dear, the one that represents us and the place where we express.

The place where we all play, talk and sunbath, breath air. This little plaza that we don't find in the city anymore but we need it to know people, share our time and take the best from the daily experience.

That little plaza also helps to sponge the city, it makes possible to air and sun to arrive to all residents. People will see in this plaza an oportunity to open their doors so their lives will flood public space.
We are going to recover these plazas inside the building.


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