Street Urbanism Workshop. ElCasc 2014. Villena


elCasc Festival 2014. Villena.


The pupils, together with the tutors, are authors, designers and builders of the educational resources developed during the Workshop:

Marta Belando

Nadia Canet

Santi Hernández Puig

Dominik Król

Álvaro Llompart

Laura Rodrigo

Sonia Vicente

Tutors: Javier Molinero and Maria Oliver

Children testers: Teo, Ela, Jose Antonio and Domingo


The goal of the workshop is to develop and produce educational resources based on the game to strengthen the feeling of belonging to a particular urban environment. Through the game we reflect on the qualities of its streets, squares, parks, etc. and try to awake in the neighbors a sense of responsibility towards the quality of public spaces in which they live.


The methodology is based on working on the street so the neighbors can see the work we do from the beginning while the relationship between tutors, students and residents are encouraged. Taking a first contact with the materials and tools to use, features and safety measures to take, individually and collectively is established.


The result is a model made ​​of reused three layer plywood formwork board, sanded and oiled, representing the historic center of Villena in which we have lived and worked during the festival of “el Casc”. The blocks of houses have been replaced by topsoil where we place the plants and houses. Both filling of the "pots" as the drawing of the houses are made during a workshop with the children of Villena.


The educational resources developed by the students are:


- The Villenera Oca: The traditional game of the goose is drawn in the model where the Moor team faces the Christian for the conquest of the castle.


- Puzzle Castle: the castle that crowns the model is composed of several pieces of wood to be placed correctly, is not easy!


- Guess Who? Plant: a series of labels are produced in wood with the names of the plants in the model. Analyzing the smells, colors and shapes of each species, try to place the labels properly.


- Game of Chips: shooter game in which some circular wooden pieces that have to fall in the squares of the old town are thrown to score.


The strategy is to know the characteristics of our environment through the game to be able to add value to our identity traits, not as something exclusive, but as something to take care, spread and shared. Each neighbor is a key piece of the daily care of public space from which we all benefit and this is learned when we are children and can be learnt by playing.


The model remains on the street, in the Plaza de Santa Maria, at the foot of the castle, to the care of neighbors. The first day no longer need watering, a neighbor, who spends the evening chatting with a friend on the bench in the plaza, has dropped some bottles of water to take care of plants, hers  and of all.


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