Casita de Papel. Exhibiton Trans/Hitos 2016. Trade fair CEVISAMA.


International competition launched by CEVISAMA, ASCER and ITC to design one of the spaces of Trans-Hitos 2016 Exhibition.


"Casita de Papel". A paper house, our idealized house, the perfect house, a symbol. A call, an icon. It is also a symbol of efficiency and sustainability because it is made of materials that respect the environment and can be easily dismantled, stored and then reassembled in another place, at any time, and in short time. Even stored occupies very little space.


A structure holds the tiles that are not of a specific manufacturer neither a type nor a model. It is composed by different pieces, all of them white, creating a global texture. They all have a place in our house. In the outside face a vertical panel composition invites us to look up and see the installation top. In the inside part horizontal panel composition invites us to pass through, to access, touch and experiment.


We are interested in duality; we find when we see the house from a distance in comparision to a close vision. As you approach the house, your sight of a structure becomes a grid with three basic materials: ceramics, cardboard and wood! And the big white screen appears as a heterogeneous but harmonious piece. We have designed and manufactured a system to build. We could say that this is a scaffolding system but with huge possibilities, as well as the materials used in its construction.



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