Europan10 International Competition

Europan10 International Competition, Aarhus, Denmark. Year 2009

Living being forest.
A eco-friendly system, self-managed, open and diverse just like a forest. Each inhabitant is forest. Private areas are minimized into different leaf-house types that are grouped forming trees. The common areas of different intensity are harnessed, supeposing three communitarian service area network that allow releasing houses and buildings of repeated spaces, making them cheap and sustainable.

NETWORK 1: zone services: Planning anticipation (sanitary, educational, sport, etc.)

NETWORK 2: SITE SERVICES: New "burial mounds" will lodge services for several buildings (laundry, sauna, ateliers, rehearsal premises, storage, etc.)

NETWORK 3: building services: spaces to make domestic activities in common (kitchen, audio-visual room, children room, etc.) common terraces and greenhomes.

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